The Artificial Intelligence integrated in the CYCLOPE software consists in automatically identifying and classifying, thanks to a powerful algorithm, any type of detected threats in the open sea, or approaching the coast.

WHO IS CONCERNED by A.I. for maritime surveillance?

Offshore platforms: Highly vulnerable, isolated in the middle of the ocean, an offshore platform represents a target of choice for terrorism.


Coastal surveillance: Piracy, illegal immigration, drug trafficking, smuggling… Protecting one’s own coastline is becoming increasingly challenging for navies and coast guards.


Civil & Military ports: Port security personnel need a 24/7 all-weather visual surveillance solution to detect, identify and classify ships, small crafts and intruders at a distance of several nautical miles. 


Warships & USVs: Surface targets and other fast approaching threats such as RHIBS make it difficult for current surveillance sensors to ensure a full protection of vessels & USVs.


Mega-Yachts: Private Mega-Yacht owners with luxury floating assets have become soft targets for piracy and international terrorism. 


Our Solution: From Detection to Automatic Classification

SPYNEL Thermal cameras and their integrated CYCLOPE software are used for maritime surveillance, be it embarked on ships or installed in ports and along the coasts. They ensure real-time panoramic security over several miles, against asymetric threats.


① SPYNEL IR panoramic sensor detects multiple threats, up to the horizon. 

 The detected objects are automatically tracked by CYCLOPE, simultaneously.


Is it safe? Is it a threat?

This is where CYCLOPE’s Behavior Analysis comes into play. You can configurate your CYCLOPE software so that an alarm is launched if…

  • …A line, defined by the operator, is crossed
  • …The path analysis is suspicious (approaching or moving away) 
  • …The AIS is unknown, or does not exist (data fusion with other systems)


④ CYCLOPE can also determine on its own when a detected object or swimmer is a threat, thanks to the Automatic Classification module. For instance, CYCLOPE can recognize a RHIB, and launch an alarm, or recognize a sailboat and ignore it. Data is fused with CYCLOPE’s Artificial Intelligence

An alarm is launched… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Depending on your settings, a series of actions will be automatically triggered when CYCLOPE launches an alarm. For example:

  • Email, screenshot or video sent to the operator
  • Recording of the event
  • Alarm sent to a VMS or CMS/hypervisor
  • Tracks metadata sent
  • Central alarm station called
  • Siren or flashing light triggered