Electrical Power Substation Perimeter Security

Protect electrical substations against intrusions and theft

Early detection is the key to preventing potential attacks on electrical substations from copper theft, vandalism, accidents and other activities that could disrupt the stability of the power grid. It has become crucial and even mandatory for utility companies to implement a perimeter security system that can detect and deter intruders approaching a substation.

Electrical substations are located in isolated areas and the 24/7 surveillance of these substations is monitored remotely from one unique remote control room. Even though the early warning of an intrusion inside the substation is important, the continuous surveillance and tracking of the site’s assets is critical to provide an accurate situational awareness of the damages caused. 

While video surveillance cameras have long been established as an effective perimeter security solution, they require extensive infrastructure to install and maintain. Spynel thermal cameras provide a cost-effective, fast deployment surveillance solution with limited infrastructure required to ensure accurate electrical substation security. Spynels are used to detect and track in real-time threats inside and outside the physical perimeter of the substation.

Challenges: Perimeter security for electrical substations

  • Provide a 24/7 image  of isolated locations enabling medium and large-area coverage
  • Reliable, autonomous security system with low power and low bandwidth
  • Detect and track multiple threats in real-time inside and outside the physical perimeter of the substation
  • Easily integrate with other security and facility systems including Video Management Systems (VMS) and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras

Spynel Thermal Camera is the Solution to Electrical Power Substation Surveillance

Spynel infrared imaging cameras provide an early warning and an opportunity for rapid and accurate detection over large areas, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Spynel is able to detect people, vehicles and any objects beyond the fence line of a substation, triggering alarms when intruders approach the facility.

3 Key Points

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24/7 monitoring in an isolated environment

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A reliable and autonomous system

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Detection and tracking of multiple threats in real time

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