Port Surveillance

Wide area surveillance of ports with SPYNEL 360 IR sensors

Ports, open water areas and coastlines constitute a particular target for terrorism and other criminal activities because of their economic importance but also because they are very difficult to secure.

Challenges to secure kilometers of coasts and ports

  • Kilometers of open water to secure, very wide areas
  • Possible important traffic around the monitored zone
  • Exposure to severe conditions: fog, wind
  • A passive, undetectable system is often imperative
  • Integration with COP workstation and display
  • Detection & tracking of boats undetectable by radars (RHIBS, small wooden boats…)
  • Detection and tracking of swimmers
  • Detection of small boats in rough sea


The Spynel panoramic infrared security systems are entirely adapted to port security and their surveillance needs. The 5 members of the Spynel range produce 360° images, and are compatible with the automatic intrusion detection software Cyclope, to track any type of threat in real-time. The IR sensors operate like “radars with eyes” but are totally passive and thus, undetectable. In addition, the Spynel mid or long wave infrared sensors can detect a small boat (RHIB) up to the horizon in total darkness and harsh weather conditions, including fog and rain.

3 Key Points

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Very long distance monitoring

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Suitable for marine environment, robust

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Plug & Play

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