Thermal MWIR/LWIR imager charaterization and camera testing

Thermal imager characterization: MRTD, NETD, TOD, MTF, FOV, spatial resolution, distortion, uniformity...

HGH Infrared Systems provides all the necessary equipment to assess IR systems with the best reliability.

Infrared sensors are electro-optical devices that convert thermal radiation received into an electrical signal to give a temperature measurement. These systems can be used in many applications: in the security sector, for surveillance purposes, and the civilian sector, for industrial non-contact thermal monitoring. From the basic pyrometers to more complex IR imaging systems, these devices have to be accurately tested, during the development phase, as well as during manufacturing and commissioning. They have to be calibrated prior to delivery and then periodically in the field.

There is a wide range of parameters that can be tested to evaluate the performance of a thermal sensor. For example: MRTD (Minimum Resolvable Thermal Difference), TOD (Triangle Orientation Discrimination), NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference), fixed pattern noise, MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), spatial resolution, FOV, distortion, optical axis alignment, dynamic range, saturation level, temperature stability, uniformity, etc.

HGH Infrared Systems provides all the necessary equipment to assess IR systems with the best reliability:

  • a range of infrared reference sources, with a highly stabilized temperature between  -173°c to +1200°c,
  • a range of standard targets, with the various patterns and sizes required to perform standard measurements. HGH can also supply any type of pattern to meet specific needs.
  • A wide range of off-axis collimators, to project the test image of a target in front of a blackbody.
  • Infratest : Your Turnkey Electro-Optical test Software

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