Main Benefits Of The SPYNEL Infrared Sensors

WIDE AREA SURVEILLANCE SENSORS for automatic, multiple threat detection, tracking and classification

A Panoramic Field of View
SPYNEL provides a full 360°, live HD image. By scanning the scene at a rate up to 1 revolution per second, the IR sensor ensures responsiveness to movements and new objects in real time. The Spynel 360-degree wide area coverage eliminates intruders’ ability to predict traditional camera movements that cause breaches of perimeter. SPYNEL is able to detect breaches along the fence as they’re happening but also well before, ensuring a fast and efficient apprehension.
Automatic Intrusion Detection & Tracking
SPYNEL’s Cyclope software monitors the panoramic image for threats, marks them as targets and tracks their movements, 24/7. Threats are detected and tracked, wherever they come from. The user can quickly navigate the entire 360-degree panoramic image to zoom in on areas of interest, but also use the radar view.
Sensitive, HD Thermal Imaging
The SPYNEL cameras are mid or long wave infrared sensors and are highly sensitive to thermal energy differences at all times of the day, in all weather conditions. Coupled with a Multi Mega Pixel imaging output, SPYNEL cameras are powerful enough to detect changes of a few mK per pixel. This allows for longer detection ranges and smaller target acquisition.
A passive signal
The SPYNEL systems are passive, unlike radars that emit electromagnetic waves.
 Adaptive and Flexible Plug&Play Operation
The SPYNEL systems are lightweight solutions. The cameras can be transported easily and quickly set up to work with a single laptop. Solar and alternate power supply systems can be integrated to allow remote, disconnected operations.
An Easy to Use Interface

With minimal training, a Cyclope user can access panoramic images, threat detection, and digital zoom windows. Automatic zone monitoring can be set up to pan to intrusions and track threats as they appear. Custom color pallets and display layouts can be set for more visibility and efficiency.

– MIL 810 STD
– Maritime STD IEC-60945

– SPYNEL sensors have been designed to withstand very harsh temperatures and direct sunlight. Minimal to no maintenance is required.

– The SPYNEL panoramic detection systems are airtight, coated and painted in way to withstand very corrosive environment, such as salty waters and fog. Ruggedized for constant outdoor operations, the system can withstand heat, cold, wind and precipitation.

Environmental and Scene Analytics
Cyclope is an intelligent software which understands natural environmental disturbances to help eliminate unwanted false alarms. Dust clouds, tumble weeds, waves, wildlife and objects moving in the wind are analyzed and ignored by the intrusion detection systems.
Forensic Capabilities
Data and recordings can be replayed as simple videos. They can also be customized and manipulated to reconstruct prior scenarios. Sensitivity and alarms data can be reset and new display setup can be used.
Deployed and Proven!
SPYNEL sensors have been deployed in many border stationsportsairportsprisonsoffshore platforms, FOBs, on ships, or on vehicles. Large scale operations can use SPYNEL to cover gaps within systems already in use, or to upgrade outdated, underperforming equipment.