Maintenance of optronic systems

Universal test bench can test any existing or future optronic system

Optical maintenance of all your optronic systems, for unparalleled performance in the field

Defense forces are now commonly equipped with a broad range of high-end optronic solutions, such as: night & day vision goggles, MWIR and LWIR thermal imager, infrared sight, and laser rangefinders.

These devices are used in demanding environments, so that performance checking and maintenance operations have to be regularly carried out. Maintaining equipment is crucial to the troops in theatre. Nevertheless, the main asset of a maintenance bench should be its versatility; to adapt to a large range of devices in order to save in costs and to reduce training needs and thus, maintenance difficulties.

Universal test bench for optical maintenance, has been specifically designed to be polyvalent. Its modular architecture enables very fast configuration setting for testing, with the highest accuracy, the main optical characteristics of all optronic systems, such as FOV and optical axes alignment, spatial resolution, uniformity and contrast, gain and sensitivity tests, NETD, MRTD, MTF, etc.

3 Key Points



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Simplification of maintenance operations


Compatibility with all optical devices

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