Night vision devices characterisation & multispectral handheld systems testing

Night vision devices characterisation & multispectral handheld systems testing

HGH provides all the necessary equipment to assess Night Vision devices with high reliability.

HGH testing solutions enable accurate testing of all Night Vision Devices on the market by following the primary military standards.

Spatial resolution, spot defect, gain, and distortion are examples of available tests performed with single low light Integrating Sphere or a complete collimator equipped with targets, source, and specific hardware & softwareImage Intensifiers Tubes (IIT) testing is also available.

Particularly, the OPAL-NV bench is a perfect solution to perform tests with high accuracy and electronic archiving. The user can then compare the quality of different NVD models independently of tube generation or phosphor color.


Furthermore, the global expertise of HGH in Electro-optical field led to a product with multispectral testing capabilitiesIt allows assessing not just NVD but also NIR / SWIR / MWIR / LWIR and LFR devices by switching from Integrating Sphere to Blackbody source. Hence, the user can perform the full range of IR testing (see « Thermal MWIR / LWIR Imager characterisation & camera testing »)


Finally, it ensures the perfect integration of all those devices in a global multispectral or fusion system by performing boresighting.



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