Laser beam characterisation & LRF testing

Laser beam characterisation & LRF testing

Laser systems have become mandatory equipment for defense/security areas as well as civil applications. HGH laser testing benches accurately test laser range finders, laser designators, laser trackers, laser pointers, & receivers during R&D, manufacturing, or maintenance activities.


HGH solution handles laser systems with a wavelength between 800nm up to 1.7µm covering all types of technologies, eye-safe included.



Based on a wide range of off-axis collimators associated with dedicated laser testing items (fibers, electronic delay, and diode, photosensitive targets, harmonization cameras…etc.) and Infratest Software, our customers can test many laserLRF parameters such as :


  •      Beam divergence,
  •      Laser boresighting / Alignment with another optical axis (IR / Visible cameras, Scope…etc.)
  •      LRF distance accuracy
  •      Extinction test…etc.

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