Visible, UV & SWIR Imager characterisation

Visible, UV & SWIR Imager characterisation

BIRD test bench and user

HGH provides all the necessary equipment to assess UV, Visible, & SWIR optical systems with the best reliability thanks to:

  • A range of Integrating Sphere reference sources providing a highly stabilized, uniform and wide level-range luminance from 200 to 2500nm.
  • A range of standard targets, with the various patterns and sizes required to perform standard measurements. HGH can also supply any type of pattern to meet specific needs.
  • A range of off-axis collimators, to project the test image of a target in front of a integrating sphere
  • Infratest: Your Turnkey Electro-Optical test Software

The user can then test a wide range of parameters to evaluate the performances of Visible cameras or UV/ SWIR devices such as:

  • MRC (Minimum Resolvable Contrast)
  • Fixed pattern & temporal noise
  • MTF (Modulation Transfer Function)
  • Spatial resolution
  • FOV
  • Distortion
  • Optical axis alignment
  • Dynamic range
  • Saturation level… etc.

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