A strong spirit of innovation, enabling the development of high-precision optronics solutions

Creating growth through innovation

HGH’s core company value is innovation. That’s why we make it a point of honor, everyday, to take up all the challenges of optronics in order to offer our customers the best trustworthy solutions to meet their changing and ever more demanding needs.

Our R&D mission? Electro-optical innovation for surveillance, testing and process monitoring

Our objective?  Customer satisfaction

HGH puts innovation first, thanks to the thorough work of IR and optics experts based in our two R&D centers:

  • France – Paris (Igny – Paris-Saclay University area)
  • USA – California (Goleta-Santa Barbara – UCSB area)

Did you know?

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45% of employees are engineers

40 Engineers in the R&D team


Active technological watch

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20% of sales revenue is invested in R&D

Innovative software editor

CYCLOPE Software for wide area surveillance

CYCLOPE is an advanced image processing software analysing panoramic images captured by the SPYNEL Wide Area Surveillance sensors in real-time.

INFRATEST Electro-optics testing software

INFRATEST is a powerful software for testing visible to IR camerasgoggles and laser rangefinders.

Some of our most innovative products...

SPYNEL Sensor for Wide Area Surveillance

Driven by Cyclope advanced motion detection software, Spynel® panoramic IR camera provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats.

KILNSCAN thermal scanner for preventive rotary kiln maintenance

With the highest scan angle of the industry up to 140°, Kilnscan adapts to any kiln configuration

Wide range of Vaccum Blackbodies for space & earth simulation

Vacuum Blackbodies with a high emissivity of up to 0.999 aim at simulating space and terrestrial radiation, to test and calibrate space infrared sensors. 

Our innovations through time


Human thermography - NEW field of expertise!

mIRcury Thermal Screening Solution

CN 37 Blackbody for human thermography cameras

Test & Measurement


Wide area surveillance

– Automatic Classification and Artificial Intelligence for CYCLOPE


wide area surveillance

– New SPYNEL-U design for unprecedented reliability

Mobile Deployment Kit for SPYNEL-M

CYCLOPE Image denoising functionnality


– New Integrating Sphere Sources Controller: higher precision & ergonomics




– New 2U electronic controller for Blackbodies

wide area surveillance

ONVIF Plugin development for CYCLOPE


wide area surveillance

Release of CYCLOPE Alarm Editor


wide area surveillance

– Launch of SPYNEL-M, compact and lightweight thermal camera

test and measurement

– Launch of DCN1000 V4 Vacuum Blackbody

– FTIR Spectrometer for BIRD Test Bench


wide area surveillance

– SPYNEL-X, 360° thermal camera with the highest resolution on the market

– Launch of CYCLOPE Hypervisor

Test and measurement

– New Vacuum Blackbodies: DCN1000V8, ECN100 V2, V7 & V20

NV 2500 Night Vision Test Set

industrial thermography

Uncooled PYROSCAN (PYROSCAN-U) technology release


industrial thermography

Launch of new PYROSCAN High Dynamic Range (HDR) pyrometric camera


wide area surveillance

First SPYNEL-U release

Test and measurement

New version of INFRATEST Software

– Launch of new BlackbodiesDCN 1000 N7, N12

– New IRCOL Test Benches: 150-750 and 150-1000


SPYNEL-S Panoramic IR sensor release


CYCLOPE Software launch

camera lens image cyclope hypervisor
Long range Panoramic thermal camera


SPYNEL-C Panoramic IR sensor launch

Ongoing innovations:


Data Analytics
& Artificial Intelligence

Automatic identification and classification of all the detected threats, thanks to a powerful algorithm integrated in CYCLOPE Software


CMS Integration

Our Wide Area Surveillance solution can be fully integrated into multiple Combat Management Systems which are among the most demanding interfaces of Defence market


Electro-Optics Testing: INFRATEST updates

Our software is in constant evolution to take into account the testing needs of our customers  


Image enhancement

Thanks to state of the art algorithms (image denoising, contrast enhancement, sharpening…), our thermal images appear clearer than ever.


Advanced neural networks

Artificial intelligence is now fully introduced in our solution, providing the best detection over false alarm ratio we never reached.


Edge Computing

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Data encryption

Innovation comes from strong partnerships

HGH is a proud sponsor of the class of 2020

  • Multiple research contracts
  • PhD thesis since 2017

HGH is member of SYSTEMATIC and Photonics France