Test & Measurement Services

HGH provides comprehensive testing services and unparalleled technical support. Whether you have an inquiry, a repair, need a calibration or rental blackbody, our Metrology Support & Service Team offers support according to your expectations. We are dedicated to keeping your blackbodies tuned, calibrated and running flawlessly.
Our service plans are designed to keep the continuity of operation of your testing benches. With HGH service plans for blackbodies, you will maximize productivity and system uptime with compliant specifications.

LARGE RANGE OF SERVICES for your blackbodies and testing benches

Calibration, Maintenance and Upgrade of your HGH equipment

In order to guarantee maximum availability and optimal performance, we offer a wide range of services and support:


Warranty extension

HGH warranty extension is designed to give you peace of mind and keep your blackbody running with the best performance.

To protect your investment and plan for the future we offer extended warranty of your blackbody, for 24 months after the initial warranty term. During these two years, HGH replaces any defective parts of your equipment following a premature failure.

Avoid financial surprises and protect your budget with a fixed-cost solution.


Preventive maintenance

The preventive maintenance service consists in checking and maintaining your equipment on a yearly basis, in order to maintain its operability and reduce the risk of breakdown.

As part of the ESSENTIAL and PREMIUM service plans, a full check up of your blackbody is performed. In case an element turns out to be defective, we replace it at no additional cost. 

Main advantages include:

  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Save time with a fixed cost solution
  • 10% discount on any repair outisde the annual pre-scheduled check-up

Measurement services

HGH measurement services are designed to help ensure your blackbody meets global standards while maintaining the accuracy and quality of its temperature measurement.

Measurement services is provided for any blackbodies, HGH and other brands.

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Blackbody rental

Not ready to purchase a blackbody? If you have a short-term or one-time project, take advantage of our rental program and experience for yourself how HGH blackbody can help increase your productivity or developing your R&D while moderating costs. HGH blackbodies can be rented by the week. You will receive an operational blackbody with a valid radiometric calibration.


Electronic controller upgrade

Since 2018, HGH has launched its new generation of blackbody controller. This new controller has the following advantages:

  • Easy correction change of of the radiometric band
  • Display and control by color touch screen
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Dimension 2U and 19 “
  • Reduced weight (≤8.5 kg)
  • Improved stability
  • Improved display resolution

For an upgrade of your electronic controller, benefit from a free radiometric calibration of your blackbody driven by the new controller. 


Test & Measurement Training Services

People are the most valuable assets in any lab. We are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest electro-optical testing procedure for your application, new software features and equipment settings training in the most convenient ways possible by offering comprehensive, professional training through a variety of convenient venues:

  • Online learning delivered by specialists, right at your desktop
  • Onsite training from factory trained experts
  • Courses at one of our worldwide training and demo centers 
Whether you need to understand optics fundamental, or optimize an application or process, develop the knowledge you need to be successful.

Service Plans for Blackbodies

Designed to support your HGH blackbodies with the best return on investment.

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On site support

Face to face onsite support from experienced and professionally qualified metrology engineers, to control and maintain your HGH blackbodies or IRCOL test benches.