HGH launches the new CN-37 Blackbody for absolute reliable reference of fever screening systems

Igny, France, April 30th, 2020 – Facing the worldwide COVID-19 sanitary crisis, HGH, world leader in infrared test equipment, announce the launch of their new Blackbody in order to meet market demand and to help limiting the spread of the virus. HGH is proud to be the first and only European company to manufacture and market this technology.

Blackbodies are commonly used for the calibration and testing of thermal imaging cameras or IR single element sensors in production lines. The new CN-37 Blackbody was specially designed to be used as a reference temperature point for thermal imagers.

Main application of thermal imagers consists in screening for elevated body temperature. Fever detection, a key symptom of Coronavirus, provides decisive information helping airports, hospitals, factories, hotels, or any high traffic places to prevent the spread of the disease.

To be accurate in the temperature reading, a reliable thermal image across somebody’s face is needed. “In order to avoid any drift or error of measurement, a reference temperature point such as our new CN-37 is required in the field of view of the cameraHGH Blackbodies are recommended for their excellent radiometric qualities such as thermal uniformity, regulation stability and emissivity. Calibrated at human fever temperature, our CN-37 is no exception.” said Catherine Barrat, Test & Measurement Business Unit manager at HGH France. Thierry Campos, CEO, adds: “HGH is committed to face the COVID-19. All our teams have been mobilized to rapidly develop the CN-37 in order to provide a reliable reference source compatible with all thermal imaging cameras on the market.”

CN-37-corps noir

The CN-37 Blackbody is fully compliant with the IEC 80601-2-59 standard. An International Primary Standards traceable certificate of calibration is delivered with each Blackbody. Given the current situation, HGH strives to provide its customers with the best possible lead-time on infrared reference sources.

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