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With the advent of Industry 4.0 and increasing availability of computing power, data are now available from more and more sensors and are distributed to a growing number of local and remote users for multiple applications. These include distributed control systems, predictive maintenance, performance optimization, virtual plants and digital twins…


As they capture large amounts of high quality thermal data at the heart of the process, HGH Thermography Systems will efficiently contribute to these Digital Trends.


Access Comprehensive & Accurate Real-Time Thermal Data with HGH Thermography Equipment 


Powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms capitalize on expert knowledge and on the analysis of massive amounts of data. As a result, the performance of real-time process control is enhanced, as well as medium and long-term prediction of performance and reliability.


The actual benefit of such models, whether they are analytical or not, heavily relies on the quality of input data used to map phenomena and to train algorithms. HGH scanners and thermography cameras are major contributors along this path:

  They provide temperature data which are intrinsically linked to product quality, yield and emissions of thermal processes

  Being high-resolution imaging systems, they deliver complete thermal maps of the inside of hot process enclosures and of the kiln shells; the most relevant areas can be selected from these images by client systems. Data are accurate and stable, and they cover a wide dynamic range.

  For further support, our designers and customer service engineers provide training and advice for the interpretation and processing of data.


Several Ways & Levels of Using Thermography Data Today

  HGH scanners and cameras directly provide images to operators in CCRs through visual HMIs, which are designed to make all data, graphs and warnings available at a glance in an intuitive manner.


  Historically, thermography sensors were coupled to other systems using basic “dry contact” interfaces to automatically turn fans on in case of a hot spot, for instance.


➔  Then, analog interfaces based on 4/20mA current loop were introduced to transmit a limited number of temperature values to PLCs.


  Besides these connections which may still be needed to ensure compatibility with legacy systems, HGH sensors use OPC to interface and transmit full sets of high-accuracy digital data to plants servers, which in turn make them available to many users. This feeds local loops for burner or process control, higher-level expert systems for quality assessment, free-lime prediction…


  In addition to such real-time interfaces, data sampling and recording functions are available to store information over the longer term for further in-depth analysis.


HGH Thermography Equipment for Thermal Processes:

A Proven Performance

HGH Thermography systems have a long-established presence in many heavy industries, where these high-performance imaging and measurement devices are used for maintenance purpose as well as for process control.


KILNSCAN infrared scanners provide high-accuracy maps of the temperature over the whole surface of kiln shells. Associated exclusive algorithms continuously assess the thickness of refractory bricks and of internal coating, the trend of the kiln shell to bend due to thermal inhomogeneities…


PYROSCAN ruggedized cameras are inserted inside furnaces, boilers and kilns to capture high resolution images where the temperature is known at any point. They provide information about temperatures values and trends in given areas, flame shapes, position of flame fronts…



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