Cyclope Software

Automatic Intrusion Detection and Tracking Software

Image processing and data analysis software for SPYNEL thermal cameras

CYCLOPE is an advanced image processing software analysing panoramic images captured by the SPYNEL® Wide Area Surveillance sensors in real-time. CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of ground/air/maritime targets simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts. CYCLOPE’s latest version takes advantage of 20 years of experience in data processing applied to critical infrastructure protection and InfraRed Search & Track applications, with the development of unique detecting and tracking algorithms with ultra-low FAR (False Alarm Rate).

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3 Key Points

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Unlimited number of threats detected and tracked over 360° (ground/maritime/air)

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Unique algorithm for very low False Alarm Rate

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ONVIF compliant


Main benefits of the threat detection, tracking and classification software

✓ Flexibility and ease of use

  • Real time panoramic display with unlimited number of views (strips, zooms, annular)
  • Compatible with multiple screens and/or consoles (Touchscreen compatible)
  • Simultaneous threat recognition
  • Brightness/contrast adjustment (manual/automatic)
  • Screenshot pictures & videos in jpg/avi format
  • Access protection with user rights
  • Visual, sound or pre-recorded message alerts



✓  Automatic detection, tracking and classification

  • 360° Search & Track refreshed within a second
  • Unique algorithm and data processing for very low False Alarm Rate
  • Full automatic mode with no operator adjustment required
  • Automatic detection and tracking of all ground/ air/ maritime targets
  • Detection zones defined by the user, according to the missions and potential threats
  • Automatic visualization of new threats with no operator action
  • 3D passive detection by triangulation

✓ Immediate and automatic data analysis

  • Unlimited number of zoom windows for target identification
  • Bookmarks for manual classification of threats and post-analyses 
  • Timeshift function to easily replay a recent event
  • GPS position of detected targets
  • Instant display of intrusion position on site map
  • Accurate elevation/azimuth position of air targets
  • Digital Elevation Model at 1m resolution, compatible with more than 1500 formats


✓ Effective communication with external sensors and security systems

  • Server/Client architecture available
  • Alarm data & videos available for transmission to external hypervisor (VMS, CMS)
  • Automatic slew-to-cue of identification camera
  • Infrared and other Sensors Data Fusion (acoustic gunshot detection, radars, AIS, ADS-B, seismic/magnetic sensors, fence vibration sensors…) and display into thermal video to tag and filter threats
  • Interface with ECDIS (Electronic Charts Display Information System)
  • Control of effectors for immediate reaction (search lights, long range acoustic devices, laser glaring systems…)
  • ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant for effective communication with other IP sensors
UAV, RIB, and Human detection shown on Cyclope display
HGH Complies with ONVIF standards


Cyclope Hypervisor provides a global monitoring, on one single GUI, of all threats detected by several Spynel® sensors installed over one or several critical infrastructures

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