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Experts in Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology Since 1982

Since 1982, HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells electro-optics systems for industrial, civil, defence and security applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors.

Worldwide Leader in Innovative High-Value Optronics Business and Technologies

By leveraging our unique expertise in infrared technologies and optronic systems, HGH has focused on high-technology and high-value added application niches at a global scale, including wide area surveillance for protection of critical infrastructures, test & measurement supporting a wide range of calibration and test equipment from UV to SWIR and industrial thermography for thermal process control monitoring.

Unique Expertise in the Infrared Signal

HGH is a worldwide leader in the measurement and analysis of infrared images. Our cameras make use of infrared images to secure critical infrastructures and control thermal process. In Test & Measurement, blackbodies emit IR radiation shaped by our collimators to project an IR image. This image is analyzed by INFRATEST software, in order to assess the equipment (cameras, detectors) of our customers.

Our Vision

“With the trust of key leaders in our three market segments, HGH has gained a worldwide reputation as primary provider of high performance optronics solutions. We still strive to search for electro-optical innovation and technical excellence, and offer the best leading-edge products and services to our customers ” 

Vincent Leboucher, President of HGH Group

Our Mission

We develop innovative electro-optics solutions for surveillance, testing and thermal process monitoring.

Our Values

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Customer First

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Team Spirit

HGH's Executive Committee

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Our Business

Wide Area Surveillance 

HGH takes Wide Area Surveillance to the next level. Our global optronics surveillance solution encompasses a large range of SPYNEL® 360° IR sensors driven by Cyclope software for automatic intrusion detection, tracking and classification. On land or at sea, the SPYNEL® thermal cameras acquire high-resolution 360-degree images, with automatic and real time detection of simultaneous and unlimited number of targets.

The turnkey HGH optronics surveillance solution continuously monitor ultra wide panoramic fields of view to ensure that no event is missed, even in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions. It is the ultimate solution for 24/7 situation awareness, providing unprecedented real-time security for critical infrastructures.

Test & Measurement 

HGH offers a unique comprehensive test & measurement solution for all optronics system. HGH leading-edge infrared and visible test equipment ranges from blackbodies, integrated spheres and collimators to integrated test benches which are all driven by the turnkey INFRATEST software. Our equipment serve universities, research labs, detector manufacturers and test centres around the world.

Beyond the quest for technical excellence, we strive to offer a complete metrology service to our customers, by sharing our experience and best practices, offering expert support, trainings, and commissioning for our integrated solutions.

Industrial Thermography 

HGH manufactures thermal scanners and cameras for remote temperature measurements on rotary kilns, boilers and other high temperature processes. HGH temperature control solutions extend key equipment lifetime and enable preventive maintenance actions before irreversible damage occurs.

HGH pyrometric cameras allow the control of the flame shape for the optimization of material burning efficiency. HGH kiln scanners contribute to improving productivity and reducing unplanned shutdowns. As an infrared specialist for nearly four decades, HGH’s rotary kiln scanners and cameras are operated in hundreds of industrial sites worldwide.

Human Thermography

To face the Covid-19 pandemic, HGH has developed an innovative temperature screening solution to detect, without contact, the elevated skin temperatures of individuals throughout the thermal camera’s surveillance area. mIRcury® panoramic thermal camera is designed to screen large halls, thus facilitating the flow of people while helping to reduce disease transmission risk.

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20 innovation Awards

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45 % of employees are engineers

Worldwide Presence

With Management and R&D based in France and in the United States, the HGH group is present throughout the world to be as close as possible to its customers and to adapt to the technical and quality requirements of each. Sales and technical support teams are based in North America, Europe and Asia, and the group counts representatives in more than 50 countries.

 Each year, HGH is involved in about 50 trade shows around the world. Check out our events calendar, or contact us to arrange a meeting!

Awards & Innovations

HGH has received numerous awards for its ability to continuously innovate and offer the latest electro-optics technologies.

  • 20% of sales revenue is invested in R&D
  • Our team comprises of highly qualified engineers in Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software
  • We collaborate on R&D projects with prestigious research labs and universities

AirportLab 2021

SPYNEL® and mIRcury® selection by AirportLab 

UAF Label 2021

Obtention of the “As used by French Armed Forces” label for the SPYNEL-C® 360 thermal camera

Shield Award 2018

Innovative product of the year – SPYNEL


Counter Terror Award 2018

Best IT Product –  SPYNEL

Milipol Innovation 2017

Best Anti-Drone System – SPYNEL


GSN 2014

Best Wide Area Surveillance system

APCI 2014

Label Observeur Design


ENOVA 2013

Productivity Trophy

CoolSpeed Technology


GICAT Award 2012

Export Trophy 


French Marine Academy

Innovation Award – SPYNEL



Innovation Prize – SPYNEL


Nasa Tech Briefs

Product of the year


Govies – Governement Security Award

Best Perimeter Security – SPYNEL

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Paper Industry Magazine

Product of the month – KILNSCAN

Quality Certification


The company group has achieved certification to the new ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standard, reflecting the organization’s commitment to quality, transparency and customer satisfaction. The QMS is implemented across the HGH headquarters based in Igny and US subsidiary based in Goleta, CA.