Originally developed for military use, infrared sensors are now commonly used for a wide range of applications, such as building inspection, medical testing, manufacturing process monitoring, astronomy, etc. Most of these sensors rely on accurate test equipment during their manufacturing and need certified calibrations. Combined with optics, those sensors consitute imagers. Some devices are composed by several sub-systems and become multispectral / fusion cameras (IR + Visible + SWIR imagers) or are associated with laser designator and LRFThe right combination of both optics and detectors, or several sub-systems, directly affects the devices performances and quality. Manufacturers or users can then characterise and tune the devices thanks to optical tests. 

HGH provides all the necessary equipment to assess IR systems with the best reliability.

HGH provides all the necessary equipment to assess UV, Visible, & SWIR optical systems with the best reliability

HGH laser testing benches accurately test laser range finders, laser designators, laser trackers, laser pointers, & receivers during R&D, manufacturing, or maintenance activities.

HGH provides fully integrated optronic test benches to qualify multi-element optical detectors from the visible to far infrared spectrum.