Optronics systems for critical site protection

SPYNEL series 360° infrared sensors act as fully passive infrared radars to detect, identify and track all intrusions over 360°, up to the horizon. They are the best solution for 24/7 situational awareness and to protect critical infrastructure. More than perimeter security, Spynel thermal sensor tracks all types of targets, far beyond fence limits. 

The protection of critical infrastructures, the surveillance of coasts, borders, ports, airports, oil&gas facilities or military bases are the main security and defense applications of SPYNEL panoramic thermal cameras.

Worldwide supplier of blackbodies, UV VIS SWIR integrating spheres and a wide range of electro-optical test benches for over 35 years.

As an infrared specialist for nearly four decades, HGH provides:

  • Leading-edge IR reference sources (low temperature blackbodies, high temperature cavity blackbodies, extended area blackbodies, blackbodies for vacuum applications)
  • UV-VIS-SWIR integrating sphere sources
  • Modular and fully integrated electro-optical test benches (IR collimators) for the test of electro-optical systems
  • Portable test benches for field maintenance of optronic equipment
  • Night vision testing equipment

Main customers include optronics research laboratories, test centers and manurafcturers of optronic systems.

Kiln shell temperature monitoring with infrared scanners

Kilnscan provides accurate thermal mapping of your kiln shell, and immediately warn on coating losses or falling bricks. Kilnscan also provides indicators on medium-term kiln fatigue to help you setting up maintenance program.

Industrial burner inspection with thermal cameras

With Pyroscan‘s HD images, temperature measurement of flame front inside industrial burners and boilers has never been easier.

HGH’s rotary kiln scanners and cameras for industrial thermography are used by maintenance staffs of hundreds of industrial plants worldwide, for the thermal monitoring of kiln shells and burners. Applications include industries such as waste incineration, production of cement, lime, bauxite, fertilizer etc

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the entire world in 2020 and 2021 has led states and organizations to find effective ways to detect and fight against the spread of the virus.

The thermal imaging camera mIRcury® detects elevated body temperature of people in public places. By calibrating the temperature with the CN-37 blackbody, mIRcury® enables precise preliminary temperature screening without barriers.