IRCOL Collimator

Versatile test bench for all electro-optical systems

Multi-functional optical test bench

The IRCOL test bench is a test equipment dedicated to the characterization and performance validation of any Electro-Optical system: visible to SWIR cameras, Night Vision devices, Thermal imagers, laser Rangefinders, multi-axes sighting devices.
The core of the IRCOL system is the IRCOL collimator including:

  • An off-axis mirror-based projector including a wide clear aperture
  • The best wavefront flatness and a high transmittance covering a wide spectral range from near ultraviolet (UV) to far infrared (IR)
  • A multi-position motorized wheel enabling accurate test targets settings (collimator focus)
  • Multiple options, accessories and configurations are available to set up the bench optimized for your electro-optical systems testing needs:
    – Targets (with various patterns)
    – Blackbody sources
    – Integrating sphere sources
    – Laser rangefinder testing devices
    – Auto-collimation module
    – Equipment under test azimuth and elevation adjustment tools…

3 Key points

thermometer (2)

Highly modular system - Can be configured for every need


High-quality optics

surface emissive

Wide range of focal lengths and apertures


All HGH reference sources, blackbody and integrating sphere, can be located at the focal point of the collimator.

Key benefits of IRCOL collimators

  • Wide range of optical projectors compatible with all standard test requirements 
  • Cameras and laser rangefinders: Ø150 – 600 mm aperture off-axis collimator focal lengths Ø750 to 6000 mm
    Wide spectrum from UV to VIS to FIR, multiple coatings available: aluminum, silver, gold
  • Output wavefront plots of the collimator available
  • Motorized target wheel with interchangeable targets
  • Only one test target along vertical and horizontal axes
  • Highly repeatable target positioning
  • Rugged mechanical construction with protective cover for optics against shock, dust and stray light
  • Accurate measurement of background temperature by calibrated Pt sensor
  • Complete range of test targets and options for optoelectronic systems
  • Fast delivery

Main applications:

  • Visible to shortwave infrared cameras: effective focal length, resolution (MRC), distortion, field of view, latency.
  • Thermal Imaging: Spatial resolution (LSF/MTF), MRTD and DRI ranges, optical vs. mechanical axis alignment.
  • Multi-sensor frame systems: axis alignment, large aperture compatibility.
    Laser rangefinders and indicators: alignment, beam analysis, divergence, distance measurement accuracy, laser pulse energy and power
  • Night Vision Devices: Gain, Resolution, Infinite Focus, Zero and Range of Eyepieces, Parallelism of Goggle Axes, Sensitivity Values, Spot Defects

Which test bench for your application ?


Test bench for cooled and/or uncooled IR thermal imagers

Ircol Collimator by HGH Infrared System

Configuration :

  • IRCOL 150/1000 collimator 
  • Set of test patterns: 4-bars, half-moon, harmonization pattern…
  • DCN1000H4 blackbody reference source 
  • INFRATEST IR Premium software

Possible measurements :

  • Noise measurements: temporal, FPN
  • Defective pixels and NUC
  • Spatial resolution: LSF/MTF
  • MRTD curve and range calculation


Test bench for IR and visible cameras with large field of view


  • IRCOL 150/750 collimator 
  • Set of sights: 4-bar, half-moon, harmonization sight, USAF 1951 with different contrasts
  • DCN1000H4 IR and ISV210 visible reference sources
  • Automatic and motorized source selection
  • Azimuth and elevation plates for camera under test
  • INFRATEST IR Premium and INFRATEST-VIS software

Possible measurements:

  • MRC curve at center and edge of field of view
  • MRTD curve and calculation of distance to center and edge of field of view.
  • Distortion and field of view for fisheye cameras
  • Spatial resolution: LSF/MTF


Test bench for electro-optical payloads with infrared camera and laser rangefinder


  • IRCOL 400/2500 collimator 
  • Test pattern set: 4-bar, half-moon, harmonizing pattern…
  • Test kit for laser rangefinder with LRDS 80 10 distance simulation unit 
  • DCN1000H4 IR and ISV210 visible reference sources
  • INFRATEST IR Premium and INFRATEST-LAS software

Possible measurements:

  • Alignment between emitter and camera axis
  • Laser power and energy
  • Distance measurement accuracy of laser rangefinder
  • Camera spatial resolution: LSF/MTF
  • MRTD curve and calculation of distance to center and edge of field of view

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