Blackbody targets

Targets for infrared and visible tests

A wide range of targets of various patterns and sizes for characterization of visible and infrared optronic systems.

Our targets are adapted to your tests, and can be mounted onto a collimator target wheel or directly onto the front of a blackbody or visible source. A high accuracy sensor enables real time measurement of the target temperature.

Target patterns and dimensions depend on the type of test being carried out and on the camera characteristics.

HGH can design and supply any type of patterns for emissive or reflective targets for Infrared and visible targets on glass substrate

Tell us about the level of performance you want to measure and we will design the appropriate target!


3 Key Points


Widest range of targets

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On-Demand targets, adapted to your test


Several configurations (target wheel or onto the front of the Blackbody source)


The most frequently used patterns are:

  • Harmonization target (pinhole) for optical axis alignment of the UUT optronic system
  • Square target for field of view measurement
  • Distortion target for distortion image measurement
  • Knife-edge target for Modulation Transfer Function calculation (MTF)


  • Slit target for Line Spread Function calculation (LSF)
  • 4-bar target for thermal resolution measurement of infrared camera (MRTD: Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference)
  • Visible Target USAF1951

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