Naval Base Surveillance


A naval base is a military base, where warships and/or nuclear submarines are docked when they have no mission at sea, need to restock or may undergo repairs. These bases are extremely critical and their open sea front constitutes a vulnerable path for terrorists and commandos.

Given their strategic importance and inherent vulnerabilities, a naval base employs a comprehensive array of protective measures. Not only do they safeguard the nation’s maritime assets, but they also serve as key operational hubs, facilitating logistical, command, and control functions. The need for impenetrable security is imperative, ensuring that vessels and personnel are shielded from any external threats.

Naval Base Surveillance main challenges

Physical Surveillance:

  • Patrols: Continuous patrols, both on foot and in vehicles, are conducted throughout the base.
  • Guard Stations: Established at vital points, ensuring restricted access and continual vigilance.

Technical Surveillance:

  • Cameras: Surveillance cameras are meticulously positioned to monitor every critical section of the facility.
  • Sensors: Employ various sensors, such as motion detectors, infrared, and underwater sensors to detect unauthorized activities

Aerial Surveillance:

  • Drones: Drones equipped with advanced optics patrol the skies, providing a comprehensive aerial view and monitoring for unusual activities.
  • Satellite: Satellite imagery may be utilized to gain a wider perspective of movements around the base.

Maritime Surveillance:

  • Patrol Boats: Secure the waters surrounding the naval base, safeguarding against unauthorized vessels and potential maritime threats.
  • Sonar Systems: Detect and track underwater activities, including submarines and divers.

SPYNEL Fully Integrated Surveillance Solution for Ultimate Naval Base Surveillance

The 360° fully integrated thermal imaging surveillance solution provided by HGH SPYNEL sensors  will help the naval base to better address its security challenges.

The versatile range of SPYNEL 360 IR cameras allows to fit any type of naval bases. Depending on the areas to secure and the criticality of the base, different SPYNEL models can be used.

  • SPYNEL-U and -M cover short range distance up to 3.5km for RHIB detection
  • SPYNEL-X, -S and -C cover long-range distance up to 12.5km for RHIB detection

Typical protected assets include naval bases, sub-marines’ bases and shipyards. SPYNEL provides real-time situational awareness, day and night, 24/7, and especially long-range surveillance of port entry and coasts as well as short range surveillance of docks inside the port. The integrated CYCLOPE software detects, tracks and classifies automatically using artificial intelligence and AIS plug-in any threats over 360°. The alarm management module allows the user to set multiple detection zones to be alerted upstream if a potential threat is approaching. The AIS plug-in provides ship information and triggers an alarm in case an unauthorized boat is detected.

The passive technology brings significant advantages for naval base surveillance to remain insensitive to jamming and to avoid any explosion or fire risk which could be generated by a radar technology. Finally, SPYNEL infrared sensors can be used as a counter-drone solution allowing to anticipate any asymmetrical assault thanks to their large field-of-view. 

For naval bases, sub-marines’ bases and shipyards, SPYNEL exceeds their expectations in terms of advanced detection capabilities in congested environment and versatility of the solution to be adapted to any type of naval base configuration.

The main security challenge of the naval base is the early warning of any potential threats approaching the asset. Whatever the configuration of the base, these ones often present a congested environment with numerous ships, making the surveillance difficult. Unique capabilities of SPYNEL 360 wide area surveillance solution for naval base protection include:

  • Automatic detection, tracking and AI classification of a large variety of threats such as small crafts, jet skis, drone swarms, rhib and more
  • Short and long-range detection operational near the cost and at port
  • Capability to analyze events in a dense maritime traffic with AIS plug-in and artificial intelligence
  • Full 360° day-night situational awareness
  • Video recording and playback
  • Ease of installation and integration
  • Fully integrated passive solution including the infrared IR sensor and video analytics
3 Main Advantages
video camera icon
Threats detection, tracking and AI classification
Suitable for congested environment
counter drone
Anti-drone capabilities
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