Military Mobile Station Surveillance


Military bases, whether temporary or permanent, require to be secured against potential terrorist attack or enemy incursion. Deployed in a hostile and isolated environment, outside the base camp, the surveillance of military mobile station is key to ensure soldiers and operations are safe and secure. A rapid deployment of a thermal imaging camera on the shelter roof or on a mast provides a protection bubble of the military mobile station and its surroundings whilst enabling soldiers to keep focused on their mission.

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  • Passive surveillance solution, undetectable
  • Designed to withstand harsh electromagnetic environment
  • Detection, tracking and classification of multiple threats simultaneously
  • Automatic detection in a changing, open environment, without any barrier
  • Easy and fast parameter setting to create virtual fences around the shelter areas
  • Lightweight, mobile, low power consumption thermal surveillance sensor
  • Real-time 360° situational awareness with automatic classification for effective decision making
  • 24/7, day/night surveillance, in any weather conditions
  • Seamless integration of SPYNEL data into third party VMS software or remote Command and Control systems
  • Limited infrastructure required for installation on shelter roof or on fast deployable mast

Turnkey, mobile, easily deployable thermal surveillance sensor

SPYNEL-M is a turnkey panoramic IR camera designed to be rapidly deployed for on-field mobile station protection. Fully integrated the surveillance solution informs in real-time the operator inside the shelter about any hostile threats. Real-time high quality video streams displayed by Cyclope help soldiers make better decisions to ensure their optimal protection. Robust, fully passive and maintenance-free, the integrated HGH surveillance solution based on SPYNEL-M and Cyclope Software provides the operator the most reliable situational awareness under 360°.

Intelligent, scalable 24/7 detection, tracking and classification

Driven by Cyclope software, the HGH surveillance solution provides a simple and intuitive configuration of warning and detection zones including pre-defined alarm trigger rules. Upon detection of a threat, Cyclope software sends an automatic alert to the operator. With its very low false alarm rate guaranteed, the operator can stay focused on his mission while benefitting from efficient protection.

Remote operations and Interoperability

In case of multiple shelters protection which can be deployed on the same area, several SPYNEL-M sensors can be installed especially to ensure a 360° surveillance without any blind zones. With these specific configurations, Cyclope Hypervisor allows the soldier to centralize automatically all threats detected and tracked by the multiple sensors. It is also the ideal solution to monitor several remote sites from one single control room saving time and ressources.

HGH SPYNEL Wide Area Surveillance solution provides effective protection of military shelters even in the most challenging environment.

3 Key Points

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Fast deployment

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Completely passive

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Automatic threat detection in a changing environment

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