Airport Surveillance & Airfield Surveillance

Perimetric Surveillance of Airport & Airfield with 360 thermal imaging technology

Airports deal with perimeter security using varied technologies: video cameras, advanced security fences, and of course infrared long range cameras.  At night, in total darkness, it will be impossible for the security staff to detect potential breaches and attacks if they are not well equipped. At best, this can lead to serious legal repercussions and considerable negative press. Failing at Airport security can also have a serious human cost. Airport officials need a system that provides total night time visibility covering a very wide area so that the staff keeps a complete perimeter control at all times. The solution has to be cost effective and easy to maintain, as well as user-friendly so that non-technical employees can master it quickly.


  • Kilometers of perimeter fences to secure
  • Important traffic around the monitored zone (workers, animals, road, access road, air planes and vehicle)
  • Integration with common operational picture (COP) workstation and display
  • Harsh weather conditions: rain, wind, snow, ice, heat
  • Detection of low flying aircraft
  • Detection of wildlife
  • Need for stored and forensic data usage
  • Operator fatigue

New challenges such as the protection of outdoor critical areas (tarmac, terminal area, runway, parking, hangar) delimited by virtual lines need to be addressed by airports.

Read how Spynel 360 IR sensor successfully tackles this new challenge, bringing panoramic vision, long-range surveillance and advanced Cyclope software capabilities.


The Spynel panoramic infrared security camera ensures airports’ security around the world and covers their surveillance needs. Our infrared systems use a continuously rotating head to produce 360 degree images. The Cyclope software detects and tracks intrusions in real time using these images. The Spynel infrared sensors is able to detect a human at several kms distance in total darkness, despite the fog, rain, snow or smoke!

Did you know that with only two Spynel cameras, it is possible to cover a whole perimeter where dozens of PTZ infrared cameras would be needed?

3 Key Points

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