Coastal Surveillance

Wide area surveillance of coastlines with SPYNEL 360 IR sensors

Piracy, illegal and irregular immigration, drug trafficking, smuggling… Protecting one’s own coastline is becoming increasingly challenging. From Navies who want to set virtual fences and monitors traffic around their Naval bases, to Coast Guards and Customs who want to strengthen surveillance of sensitive areas and to Islands cities or countries who wants to protect their inner waters: Coastal surveillance organisations thus need state of the art, reliable sensors that operate in all weather conditions.

With 15 years of experience in optronics wide area surveillance, HGH‘s SPYNEL surveillance cameras deliver astonishing performance in coastal surveillance. The systems enable full maritime and coastal domain awareness with real-time 360-degree thermal videos, detection & tracking of multiple simultaneous targets.

SPYNEL advantages include:

  • Detection & tracking of small boat and swimmer,
  • Automatic classification of detected targets with Artificial Intelligence,
  • Alarm editor:  smart alarm filtering (speed, trajectory, size…) and automatic response (screenshot, email, video, etc.),
  • Smart virtual fences,
  • Friend/ Foe discrimination with AIS tracks integration and fusion,
  • All in one cost effective solution with low integration cost,
  • Easy integration with your security systems:
    • Multi-layer coastal surveillance with integration and fusion of Radar alarms
    • Long range identification capabilities with interfacing with Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras
    • Integration with Search Lights and LRAD devices for countereaction
    • Integration with navigational & monitoring software (Vessel Traffic System – VTS)
    • Integration into third part Video Management System (VMS) – ONVIF Profile S compliant
coastal surveillance

With ten different SPYNEL models, HGH can cover your short, medium and long-range requirements. Spynel have already been deployed worldwide and help several of our clients achieve their maritime surveillance objective.

3 Key Points

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Very long distance monitoring

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Suitable for marine environment, robust


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