Border Surveillance

ENSURING Border Security and Surveillance with long range panoramic IR detection systems

Technologies providing information to the Border Patrol personnel need to address a very specific set of challenges: surveillance equipment must be able to endure consistent exposure to harsh environments in remote locations. Our panoramic security solution based on SPYNEL ® is a Border Surveillance system used worldwide, addressing those challenges.

All over the world, the potential for danger at borders is a real concern; high risk of terrorism, drug or human trafficking…  If actionable intelligence needs to be provided to patrols in the field, these technologies have to address a very specific set of challenges: Surveillance equipment must be designed to endure exposure to harsh environments in remote locations.

What are the main challenges of Border Surveillance ?

  • Wide-area perimeter surveillance of rural and mountainous regions surrounded by wildlife
  • A wide range of different threats to automatically detect, including UAVs, RHIBs, crawlers, swimmers etc.
  • Border surveillance systems must be able to bear harsh environments in remote locations
  • Actionable, real-time intelligence allowing immediate action by patrols in the field
Border patrol car at border for surveillance with panoramic thermal imaging camera

Your Border Surveillance system: the Spynel 360° Thermal sensor

The Spynel 360° infrared security systems have proven their effectiveness for border security applications. Spynel IR sensors use a 24/7 rotating head to produce 360° images and detect & track intrusions in real time: Spynel cameras operate like “radars with eyes.”, solving the deficiencies of light-based camera monitoring. On top of that, the Spynel mid or long wave infrared sensors allow to detect a human at up to 8km in total darkness and adverse weather (extreme heat, snow, cloud dusts, etc.).

Did you know ? … Two or three Spynel cameras are enough to cover a whole perimeter where dozens of PTZ infrared cameras would traditionally be needed!

3 Key Points

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Very long distance continuous surveillance


Return on investment

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