Detect, track and classify all intrusions over 360°.

HGH provides a comprehensive optronic security solution for critical site surveillance, perimeter detection and wide-area surveillance. The solution includes a range of several Spynel infrared panoramic cameras controlled by Cyclope software.

On land or at sea, the SPYNEL thermal cameras provide 360° HD images, with automatic threat classification and visualisation. The HGH infrared surveillance solution guarantees the detection of all types of conventional and asymmetric threats, such as creeping men, small wooden boats, semi-rigid boats in heavy seas, drones, stealth aircraft… even in total darkness and bad weather. A passive detection system, SPYNEL can be operational in a matter of minutes, offering unprecedented security.

Discover our Cyclope software solution and the kinds of Spynel 360° thermal cameras, dedicated to civil and military applications

Thermal panoramic surveillance cameras

The SPYNEL series includes different models, divided into 5 sensor families (Spynel-X, Spynel-S, Spynel-C, Spynel-U, Spynel-M) for short-, medium- or long-range surveillance from 0 m to 9 km radius.

IRST infrared surveillance system with the best resolution and detection range

  • Cooled MWIR matrix detector
  • Panoramic images up to 120 Mpix
  • Human detection range: up to 9 km

Panoramic Detection Camera

  • Cooled MWIR matrix sensor
  • Panoramic images up to 30 Mpix
  • Human detection range: up to 6 km

Dual camera 360° surveillance system

  • Uncooled LWIR matrix sensor
  • Optional 360-degree visible camera
  • Human detection range: up to 2km

Thermal intrusion detection radar

  • Compact, cost-effective infrared radar
  • Robust, portable sensor for immediate 360° security
  • Human detection range: up to 700m

Automatic intrusion tracking software
CYCLOPE is an automatic intrusion detection and tracking software that analyses high-resolution, 360-degree images captured by SPYNEL cameras.

Remote monitoring software to control multiple security cameras

The Cyclope hypervisor provides global monitoring, on a single interface, of all threats detected by multiple SPYNEL sensors installed at one or more sites.