Introducing the Dual Channel Panoramic

surveillance sensor SPYNEL-U !

SPYNEL-U is the only SPYNEL sensor in the world to provide with full High resolution Visible and Thermal panoramic videos in real-time, for all your security projects. It is the best all-in-one surveillance solution for wide area protection such as airportsports or critical infrastructure perimeter monitoring.

Constantly seeking the best price-performance ratio, we just released the brand new version of SPYNEL-U for an unprecedented reliability!

What are the main benefits?

Two panoramic videos in one single sensor! The integrated channels enable the detection, tracking, and identification of multiple threats in real-time, over a 360° panorama: an unrivalled situational awareness

  • 360° visible video: Enhanced performance with better identification range.
  • 360° thermal video: Improved image quality for  day &  night tracking of multiple intruders over 360°.

– Uncooled thermal technology:

SPYNEL-U ensures long-term reliability and maintenance-free operation.

What are the main applications?


➔ Compatible with EMBARKED APPLICATIONS! SPYNEL-U can be installed on vessels or floating platforms requiring gyrostabilization.



Have you noticed SPYNEL-U now has a family resemblance with SPYNEL-S and SPYNEL-X ? Actually, its base is exactly the same, allowing it to be installed on the same platforms or tripods as your other SPYNEL systems. Time saving guaranteed!