Used worldwide as an IR reference in many laboratories and production lines, DCN1000 blackbodies provide ultimate performance and reliability. The year draws to a close but there is still time to place an order and receive your DCN1000 in 2021!

DCN1000 Blackbodies available in one month!

The DCN1000N/H extended area blackbodies are air-cooled low-temperature infrared reference sources operating either in absolute or differential mode. Featuring the highest stability of regulation, they are used for the characterization and performance validation of a very wide range of IR sensors, for the most demanding customers and challenging applications. In addition to their world-renowned performance and stability, the DCN1000 N/H has the shortest delivery time on the market: one month!


On top of that, DCN1000 Blackbodies have an exclusive

compensation function in MWIR and LWIR, so that: 

Displayed temperature = Radiated temperature


  • Calibration of cameras, IR cores: long wave & middle wave
  • Detection of bad pixels
  • Correction of non-uniformity
  • NETD measurement even for the most powerful detectors on the market
  • MRTD and ranges calculation


DCN1000 Blackbodies are provided with a radiometric certificate of calibration valid for two years, demonstrating the reliability of this IR reference source!