Maritime environments and port infrastructures pose unique challenges, which can render conventional surveillance methods ineffective. Our port & coastal surveillance solution is based on the SPYNEL 360° thermal camera and its powerful video processing software CYCLOPE.​​


Real-time 24/7 surveillance of your Coastline & Port

SPYNEL is your solution providing reliable day and night, all-weather visual surveillance to detect and track any kind of ship whether big or small (Skiff, RHIB, Cargo) at a distance of several nautical miles. It can be smoothly integrated with existing sensors such as radars, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).


  • Panoramic video recording capability
  • Data fusion with Radar/AIS 
  • Combination with Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD)
  • Advanced Alarm Management
  • Automatic Classification


  • 24-hour, all-weather surveillance
  • Situational awareness
  • Tracking of multiple unauthorized events
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Easy to operate

Automatic detection, tracking & identification with CYCLOPE SOFTWARE

CYCLOPE is an advanced image processing software analysing in real-time panoramic images captured by SPYNEL sensors. CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks multiple maritime unauthorized events simultaneously, including hardly detectable ones. The CYCLOPE interface is pre-programmed with monitoring algorithms that are optimized for the maritime environment. The maritime optimization helps eliminate false alarms, and allows users to easily distinguish between swimmers, boats and buoys without interference from wave patterns or solar reflection. 


With CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR, you can monitor very long coastlines by installing several SPYNEL cameras whose data will be automatically centralized on a single interface.

Our SPYNEL sensors provide unique situational awareness and operate like "radars with eyes". They can detect a RHIB, a jetski or a swimmer up to the horizon in total darkness and harsh weather conditions. With SPYNEL, unauthorized activities are easily analysed in dense traffic areas, while traditional pan-tilt zoom cameras are subject to soda-straw effects.  


SPYNEL-U: Dual-Channel Panoramic surveillance

SPYNEL-U is a dual channel panoramic camera with both a thermal and a visible channel. It provides two real-time panoramic videos, a thermal and a VISIBLE one.



► Critical infrastructure protection

 Port surveillance

► Border and coastal passive surveillance

  • 360° THERMAL video  Detect & TrackMore contrast, better detection
  • 360° VISIBLE video  IdentifyWith the new SPYNEL-U, take advantage of a better identification range and of an improved image quality for day & night tracking of multiple intruders.

SPYNEL- X: Very Long Distance Border Surveillance


SPYNEL-X is the Infrared Search & Track (IRST) with the best image resolution and the longest detection range on the market.



► Border and coastal surveillance

 Sea & Lakes border surveillance 

Capturing videos with an unequalled resolution of up to 120 Mpix, SPYNEL-X provides powerful situation awareness over 360 degrees, with the highest detection range in its category. Unaffected by sea clutter, this surveillance device is highly effective when tracking skiffs, jetskis, RHIBs, wooden boats and even swimmers at a very long range.





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