After the launch of the new Panoramic Dual-Channel SPYNEL-U sensor, HGH continues to innovate and launches a new SPYNEL-M configuration, with a double panoramic and visible channels, for enhanced identification capabilities.

A multi-camera configuration for high-accuracy detection & identification

Our panoramic sensor solutions for long distance surveillance constantly adapt to your needs…

If the SPYNEL-U IR sensor already offered a panoramic visible channel to complete the detection and identification performances of the camera, it is a new option for SPYNEL-M

  • Two visible, color cameras are added on each side of the thermal camera;
  • Visible & thermal videos are automatically synchronized in the CYCLOPE interface;
  • Intrusions are detected in multiple directions and appear on both thermal and visible windows

Key features:

• Night identification capabilities thanks to IR illuminators on the visible cameras

• Choose between full 360° panorama or 180° sector scanning (image frequency x2)


 Cost effective

 No blind sector

 Can be deployed on a mast

 Fast deployment

 Automatic video synchronization and analysis

Main applications

Did you know?

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