Any threat is automatically detected and tracked, at any time, regardless of its position. Achieve full situational awareness over wide area.

SPYNEL and its automatic intrusion detection & tracking software CYCLOPE are used for FOB protection, embarked on ships to create a self-protection bubble, embarked on vehicles or in a backpack for special forces’ missions

The challenges of panoramic thermal surveillance to secure large areas

Spynel IR sensors provide unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats. They are used for many applications to detect and track threats on land, at sea or in the air.

Thermal sensor characterization and electro-optics calibration equipment

During the design phase, final testing, manufacturing, commissioning and repair, thermal sensors and infrared system manufacturers need accurate reference equipment to characterize or calibrate their devices.

Accurately measure optical performances of Night Vision Devices 

Night Vision Devices (NVD), based on Image Intensifiers Tubes (IIT), become mandatory on the battlefield. Main missions happening during the night, NVD performances can directly affect the success or failure of military operations.

Kiln temperature and industrial process monitoring controlled by thermography

Industries use infrared thermography for remote thermal measurements.

Detect and track high body temperatures in crowds and high-traffic public places