Strengthening Maritime Security of a Continental Island

Maritime and coastlines Security: a comprehensive surveillance of sea and sky

Continental islands have a natural dependence on the maritime domain and are consequently vulnerable to maritime security threats. Maintaining the security of their coastlines is hence vital for their successful economic development. Deployed across the island, SPYNEL panoramic thermal imaging cameras ensure all weather, day/night long range surveillance its maritime, coastline and aerial domain.

Challenges of a Continental Island Surveillance

  • Secure kilometers of coastlines
  • Must withstand difficult environmental conditions of the littoral: humid weather, fog, wind
  • Fast and robust data processing for surveillance of dense maritime traffic
  • Remote controlled systems with multi-users capabilities
  • Seamless integration into third party VMS software and other security sensors
  • Video recording

The SPYNEL Solution for 24/7 Surveillance of the Maritime Domain and Coastlines

SPYNEL cameras automatically detect, track and classify 24/7, all vessels approaching the coasts of the island. Thanks to its AIS plug-in, SPYNEL captures ship information and triggers an alarm in case an unauthorized boat is detected. The IR camera is able to analyze events in a dense maritime traffic, contrary to PTZ subject to soda straw effects. The real-time visual information provided by SPYNEL panoramic thermal imaging cameras facilitates the understanding of the situation whilst its passive technology makes it undetectable by neighboring countries. SPYNEL sensors also enable reliable detection and tracking of small and fast moving targets as well as low air targets, which are typical limitations of radar. ONVIF compliant, SPYNEL IR sensors are seamlessly integrated into third party VMS software as well as with other security sensors. Enhancing maritime situational awareness, SPYNEL provides a comprehensive surveillance of both sea and sky of the island.

3 Key Points

video camera icon

24/7 surveillance of the maritime domain and coastlines

Advanced remote operations

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Passive technology

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