Wildlife Surveillance and Anti-Poaching


Fight against illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals and fight against illegal harvesting of wild plant species, called anti-poaching, is becoming more and more necessary around the planet due to the increase of malveillance acts during the last decades. SPYNEL panoramic thermal imaging cameras are cost effective equipment to ensure all weather, day/night long range surveillance and ensure detection and tracking of intruders, poachers or traffickers outside or inside the fences (or virtual fences) surrounding large natural areas.

How can SPYNEL Panoramic Thermal Imaging Camera secure very large area against poaching events?

With their automatic multiple threat detection at long-range and fast deployment capabilities, SPYNEL thermal imaging cameras bring significant advantages to ensure the wide area surveillance of game parks, lodges, natural parks and conservancies. HGH SPYNEL-X IR panoramic sensors are especially adapted to the surveillance of these areas :

  • Perimeter surveillance outside the surrounding fence
  • Detection of any kind of vehicle approaching the protected area
  • Tracking of the intruder inside the perimeter if they succeeded to cross the fence
  • Detection, tracking and classification of simultaneous threats by CYCLOPE software
  • AI algorithms in CYCLOPE software to eliminate false alarms related to dust clouds or vegetation
  • Real-time 360° situational awareness for effective decision making
  • Several hundred of squared kilometers are under surveillance by just one camera
  • Support harsh environment (hot&cold temperature, dust, sand storm, rain or fog) without interruption
  • Client-Server architecture with multiple cameras connected to a remote centralized control center
  • Day & Night 24/24 – 7/7 operations
  • Fast and straightforward installation

The main challenge in the protection of game parks, natural parks or conservancies is the ability to visually cover a very large area in real-time, 24/7 and in any weather conditions.
As a standalone system or being part of a complete surveillance solution, HGH SPYNEL thermal sensors enhance situational awareness to protect the wildlife
and flora against a large variety of threats.

spynel image detect man behind trees

3 Key Points

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24/7, night and day, wide area surveillance

Remote operations

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Passive technology

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