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Scanners are tools which are well-known by any operator of rotating kiln. Their use has become standard in many industries, where they help operators to monitor the temperature of the shell, they provide real-time information and warning about hot spots, excessive coating inside the kiln, insufficient tyre slip… LEARN MORE!


Why is excessive Thermal Warp a problem for your rotary kiln,

and how can it be addressed?



Thermal warp is a shell's trend to bend due to thermal inhomogeneities along its surface. Combined with the rotation of the kiln and with its load, this trend induces cyclical flexions and efforts along the kiln.


 Consequences of Thermal Warp:

  • Degradation of the long-term reliability of the installation
  • Load fluctuations on tyres and rollers
  • Risk of tyre warp
  • Local oval distortions, stressing the lining and reducing its lifetime
  • Cyclical stresses in the drive system of the kiln: excessive fatigue load
  • In the long run, risk of permanent damages and distortion of the shell

Anticipating distortion of your shell thanks to KILNSCAN

As KILNSCAN scanners collect very accurate measurements, it is possible to precisely know the temperature at each point of the shell, hence thermal inhomogeneities.


This allows HGH exclusive algorithm “THERMAL WARP MONITORING” to provide real-time information about the trend of the shell axis to bend; an animated view of the kiln axis is displayed to the operator, together with a graph showing the amplitude of the potential lateral movement of the shell.


The benefits of this feature go beyond refractory and process monitoring, and it supports short-term actions to prevent long-term damages of the shell and its infrastructure.


A problem solved!

The operator can take fast corrective actions such as adjusting the rotation speed, the geometry of the flame or the mix of the raw meal to restore homogeneous coating, for instance.


More about KILNSCAN:


As a pioneer in the field of thermography equipment for heavy industries, HGH has been manufacturing infrared scanners for more than 30 years. Our KILNSCAN leading-edge scanner offers the best resolution, accuracy and flexibility, allowing to detect single-brick failures over the whole length of kilns, whatever their configuration.


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