HGH's Spynel-S 6000 IR Surveillance System Now Fitted on French Navy L'Adroit OPV

10/19/2016 03:21 pm

Article published on NavyRecognition.com, on October 19th, 2016.

Since 2011, l’Adroit has conducted numerous missions against illegal practices and risks at sea: area monitoring, fight against piracy and terrorism, fisheries policing, fight against drug trafficking, environmental protection, humanitarian aid, search and rescue.

Back from a maritime surveillance mission off the Greek and Turkish coasts, l’Adroit will increase its capabilities against asymmetric threats through the integration of Spynel-S optronics sensor. 

HGH’s Spynel-S infrared sensor is a reliable, proven long-surveillance system. It offers full 360-degree coverage in real time, up to the horizon, night and day, even in adverse weather conditions. Equipped with CYCLOPE, advanced software for automatic detection and tracking of an unlimited number of targets, Spynel is a high-end surveillance, particularly effective on tracking RHIB or small wooden skiffs, and even swimmers – all targets hardly detected by conventional radar. Mounted on an autonomous gyro-stabilized platform, Spynel provides situational awareness over 360 degrees, even in rough sea. 

Installed on frigates for fight against piracy applications, on offshore sites (oil platforms, FPSO, FLNG), in ports or along coasts around the world, the Spynel sensors are proven effective maritime surveillance systems. They are also widely deployed ashore for automatic intrusion detection applications around sensitive sites (military camps, energy production facilities, pipelines, oil and gas sites, ammunition depots, prisons, airports, …).