Panoramic Temperature Screening in Crowds

A turnkey temperature management system for wide area screening of Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)

mIRcury® is a comprehensive and easy-to-use skin-surface temperature screening camera designed to simultaneously detect and track elevated body temperatures, in all directions, and at short or long distances. It comes as a preliminary screening before further evaluation and fever diagnosis.

The comprehensive package includes a dual camera with a panoramic thermal channel and an optional visible one operated by a push-button EBT detection software.

mIRcury® provides a real-time and accurate temperature view of all people in the crowd, thus avoiding dedicated route and long queues.

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3 Key points:

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Wide Panoramic Detection Range

Data analysis and false alert filtering

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Multiple & multi-direction detection


A push-button software for elevated skin-surface temperature detection and tracking:

• Automatic face detection: people without masks, and false​​​​​​ alert filtering to exclude other heat sources (hot cups, mobile phones, laptops…)

• Automatic notification sent to operators: photo thumbnails, activation of a flashlight, sound alarm…

• Timeshift: record and replay when needed

• Visualization of alerts and notifications sent directly on your tablet thanks to a wireless link


Key Features:

Main Benefits:

  • Wide panoramic detection range: >1000 sqm
  • High accuracy: ± 0.3°C
  • Multiple & multi-direction screening of moving or static people simultaneously, whatever their posture​​​​​​.


  • Reduce queues and long wait times
  • Minimize impact on travellers’ experience
  • Reduce man power
  • Contact-free

mIRcury wide area temperature screening system's core technology :

The mIRcury EBT detection system is based on an unique thermal panoramic camera to detect in real time the elevated skin temperature of people over 360°. The mIRcury temperature screening camera gives a real time panoramic thermal video contrary to all other traditional cameras monitoring only a small sector. An optional panoramic visible camera enables fast recognition of the individuals triggering an alert within a crowd. An additional check is then performed with medical devices for fever diagnosis.

The most accurate temperature measurement thanks to our CN-37 Blackbody Reference Source:

As a leader in thermography technology, the use of an external reference source, designed by HGH, guarantees a highly accurate temperature measurement in real-time.

Our CN-37 Blackbody is delivered with an International Primary Standards traceable certificate of calibration.

Wide Area, Panoramic Temperature Screening is used in:

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