NVD quick pre-mission check and adjustment

NV-2020 night vision optical alignment system

NV-2020 night vision optical alignment system presents a resolution pattern at correct infinity focus to both Night Vision Device (NVD) channels at once. It is a compact and portable reference device that allows the user to accurately adjust goggles just before a mission providing for a proper and quick adjustment of all goggle parameters.

NV 2020

3 Key Points

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NVD quick pre-mission check and adjustment

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Field system


Infinity Focus


Key features:

  • NVD quick pre-mission check and adjustment
  • Weather resistant test unit
  • Low battery indicator
  • Field portable
  • Infinity focus
man using NV2020 and adjusting night goggles

NV-2020 configuration:

It is paramount that the user adjusts the goggle mount for proper tilt and eye relief, sets up the goggle IPD (Interpupillary Distance) spacing, and adjusts the focus of each eyepiece and objective lens assembly during pre-mission NVD adjustment.

The NV-2020 optical alignment system allows proper adjustment of all goggle parameters prior to a mission and provides an accurate target at infinity focus. Along with a large folded-mirror collimator, the NV-2020 projects multi-bar patterns of known resolution at light levels that are appropriate for both “high-light” and “low-light” NVD resolution. NV-2020 may be used with any goggle type and the eight-step grayscale covers a range of 2 1/2 decades and checks the NVD over a variety of light levels.

Technical Specifications:

Reticle Resolution

0.49 to 1.72 Line Pairs per Milliradian

Reticle Luminance:

Approximate Quarter Moon – Normal


Operating Environment:

Temperature -20 C to + 40 C, Humidity 90% noncondensing, on any optical surface


Four D Size Alkaline Batteries

Case size (with cover)

35H x 27W x 23D (cm)


24 lbs/11.1 kg (batteries included)

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