Oil & Gas Facility Security

Oil & Gas Facility Security

Today oil and gas industry is a complex operating environment, critical to the world economy. As exploration and drilling activities move into increasingly remote and hostile locations, the need for continuous security increases. 

SPYNEL panoramic thermal cameras address the requirements of oil & gas infrastructures protection in a scalable and flexible way, adapting to different geographic conditions, size, scale requirements and various threats.

Challenges of securing oil & gas infrastructures

Oil and gas plants tend to be extremely large, including onshore refineries with pipelines spanning long distances and offshore platform with satellite unmanned platforms making their protection extremely challenging. Plants require a robust and reliable surveillance, with cameras able to provide early warning night and day, in all weather conditions. The major challenge is to identify as early as possible the detected targets as malicious assailants: it helps for an accelerated decision-making to face an unwanted critical situation.

  • Secure very large complex spanning several hundred km2 with no gap in security
  • 365 days, 24/7 surveillance, day and night capability
  • Must withstand harsh maritime/terrestrial environments: Sea, fog, corrosion, extreme temperature, sand, vibration, solar glare and more
  • Automatic detection, tracking, and identification of various threats in real-time, including small targets such as RIB undetectable by radars
  • Situational awareness helping for rapid assessment of unwanted events
  • Seamless and robust integration into third party Video Management System (VMS)
  • Remote location
  • Evidential videos

How can SPYNEL 360° Thermal Surveillance Solution Secure an Entire Oil and Gas Plant?

Deployed throughout the oil and gas facility, SPYNEL IR Detection sensors provide a full surveillance with no security vulnerability. With its panoramic thermal imaging technology, SPYNEL cameras detect in real-time multiple threats, anywhere in the oil and gas site, along the pipes, in the perimeter surrounding the pipes, along perimeter lines and in the open sea. SPYNEL keeps a continuous surveillance and tracking of the site even in case of multiple events happening at the same time. Highly versatile, SPYNEL series thermal cameras provide a comprehensive range of surveillance solutions to secure the plant and reduced system costs, complexity and infrastructure.

3 Key Points

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Surveillance of an entire oil & gas plant

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Integration into existing security systems

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