With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading around the globe, we developed a brand new Panoramic Fever Screening and Tracking Technology: mIRcury. This unique solution was designed to measure skin-surface temperatures in wide and crowded environments, to achieve fast and efficient preliminary fever screening in busy public areas.

► Main Benefits

  • Reduce queues and long wait times
  • Minimize impact on travellers’ experience
  • Reduce man power
  • Contact-free

Your Turnkey Solution for Real-Time Fever Screening in Crowds

mIRcury is a turnkey and easy-to-use fever screening solution designed to simultaneously detect and track elevated skin-surface temperatures, in all directions, at short and long distances. The comprehensive package includes a dual camera with a panoramic thermal channel and a visible one (optional) operated by a push-button fever-detection software.

► Key Features

  • Wide panoramic detection range: > 1000 sq. m. 
  • High accuracy: ± 0.3°C 
  • Multiple & multi-direction screening of moving or static people simultaneously, whatever their posture​
  • Visualize and receive alerts directly on your tablet thanks to a wireless link (optional)
  • FDA approved IR thermometer to confirm elevated body temperature (optional)

► mIRcury is efficient in any type of indoor busy public area:


HGH’s CN-37 Blackbody reference source has been specially designed to ensure fever screening cameras‘ highest accuracy of measurement, and it is included in the mIRcury package. 

► NEWS! 

Our mIRcury solution is part of the LAX Terminal Wellness Pilot Program for Real-time fever screening at the International Los Angeles Airport!

The program aims at monitoring the temperature of multiple travellers arriving from other countries and of those departing, using special thermal cameras to identify people with elevated temperatures.