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HGH is a global provider of electro-optical devices for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography and Electro optical test solutions applications.



Defense & Security

HGH’s wide area surveillance solutions cover defense and security applications: security, naval, coastal and maritime surveillance, border surveillance, military bases protection, airport and harbour security, oil & gas sites, critical infrastructure security.


Cement, waste-to-energy, metallurgy…, HGH provides dedicated monitoring and maintenance solutions. For industries using rotary kilns in their processes (cement, lime, bauxite, fertilizer, or DRI), HGH contributes to increase production rates, reduce operating costs, improve the burning process, and save energy.


HGH provides medical application solutions based on its expertise in infrared technology. HGH panoramic thermal cameras can quickly and reliably detect people with elevated body temperature in crowds.


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HGH is a electro-optical devices global provider. The company provides wide area surveillance, industrial thermography and electro-optical test solutions.

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HGH est une référence internationale dans la surveillance de sites étendus, la thermographie industrielle et les applications de test électro-optiques infrarouges.

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